Arena Token (ARENA)

Token Summary

  • Ticker: ARENA

  • Token address: 0x2A17Dc11a1828725cdB318E0036ACF12727d27a2

  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

  • Capped Supply: 10,000,000

Emission Rate

The initial emission rate will be 0.1 ARENA per block

  • 90% will be emitted as a reward to the farming ecosystem

  • 10% will be sent to the developers' addresses for marketing purposes, payout, and to fund future partnerships and strategic developments

Token Utility and Burning Mechanics

  1. The Arena & Major Gladiators

  • Bets on gladiators

    • 3% of the pot will be burned for every battle

    • 25% of the jackpot will be burned

  • Initial offering of Major Gladiator NFTs

    • 85% of the raised fund will be burned

2. The NFT Collectible Game & Minor Gladiators

  • Pyramid Royale

    • 25% of pot will be burned (to be confirmed)

  • Gladiatorial Odyssey

    • 80% of entry fee will be burned (to be confirmed)

  • Purchase loot boxes of Minor Gladiator NFTs and game item NFTs

    • 85% of the sales will be burned

3. Deposit fee

  • The deposit fee for staking will be used to purchase ARENAs later.

  • 75% of deposit fees will be used to buy back ARENA tokens and burn them.

  • At the beginning of the ecosystem's development, we will manually burn the transaction fee to stabilize the price in case of market dumps.

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