Pyramid Royale

Every day there are limited rounds of Pyramid Battle Royale. Before each round of the game starts, players can buy lottery tickets to contribute to the pot - if they aren't interested in the game but only the reward.

Players will have to buy $PYRAM to play Pyramid Royale. A portion of the $PYRAM pot will be burned and used to buy back $ARENA and burn.


Once the countdown is reached, the game will start. Players need to atop the Apex with PYRAM. The first player can enter the Apex without any competition.

Then the next player needs to beat the existing Apex to be the Apex - either a certain victory by bid equal or greater amount - or take the chance by making a smaller bid.

ROUND 2 - Boss Battle

When there is no replacement of Apex in 90 seconds, he becomes the Royale winner. Then the winner will have 60 seconds to decide if he will:

  1. Flees to take 30% of the pot. Another 30% will go to the lottery. The game ends if the royal winner selected this option.

  2. Stay to take part in the boss battle

  3. Spend more PYRAM to boost the chance to survives in the boss battle.


The boss battle will take another 60 seconds, then the result will reveal - there are some possible outcomes:

  1. The royal winner get killed - he still have a small % of the pot, and the majority go to the lottery

  2. The royal winner survives - win a significant % of the pot, a small % to lottery

  3. The royal winner beat the boss - not likely to happen! But then the winner can take the whole pot plus bonus amount and will have an NFT weapon reward(we will mark the address and do airdrop manually for the first launch)

Anyone has a chance to finish the game and grab a small portion of the pot. Players can closely follow the battle result and be the first ones to press the "FINISH HIM" button (But only one player is fast enough to do this) - this player can also enjoy some free lottery tickets for the next round.

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